Who We Are

Yumi Yasuhara is a trained Massage Therapist with a long history of study and practice in the healing arts. She began her journey in Japan where she developed, at any early age, a healthy loving regard for the healing arts. Once established in the United States as a college student she pursued and completed a variety of healer trainings leading to her own signature practice of Massage Therapy. Today she focuses more intently on Sound and Energy as her prevailing healing modalities for guiding one towards health and wholeness, all the while holding fast to the sacred tradition of the “healer” as a guide merely provides opportunity for the client to heal themselves. Yumi’s daily healing and wholing routine is working with plants and wild life in and around her rural home. 

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Daniel Ide has a traditional education in music and the literary arts leading to a further study and practice of interior and architectural design specializing in woodworking. He relocated from his home state of Massachusetts to Southern California in 2000 where his personal style of design and construction was welcome in the arts and business community. Daniel’s personal journey through addiction and recovery led him into a whole new world of healing and health exposing him to Western Shamanism, ancient healing arts and other esoteric teachings connected to sound healing. Many years later, and with deep personal interest and study, he has turned his focus more intently toward working with others in healing a variety of health issues. He too believes and follows in the tradition of healer as guide.

What is Sound Healing Meditation?

Sound Healing Meditation, with Hummingbird Sound Healers. is a typically one hour long practice of sound meditation. The practice employs the use of Planetary Gongs, Quartz Crystal Bowls, Himalayan Singing Bowls, drums, flutes and a variety of additional instrumentation.

This particular arrangement and practice produces harmonious sound frequencies and vibrations suggestive of and leading one to experience feelings of relaxation, endogenous healing, states of wholeness and Self Awareness.

This Sound Healing Meditation brings together the ancient healing arts of sound, trance, meditation and sensory deprivation, as practiced by our ancient ancestors, all into one practice creating a modern day experience more in pace with the demands of our time. This practice, as designed and implemented, is predicated on the notion that physical, mental and spiritual healing inherently takes place in the absence of body and mind distractions. Once the participant is made to feel safe and comfortable they are then gently immersed in the fullness of coherent natural healing sound frequencies and vibrations. This then invites and brings on “natures healing intelligence”; a process of healing and wholeness organic to this practice.

Sound Healing has existed for millennia and is now finally regaining acceptance as a legitimate healing modality and is finding its way into our most esteemed institutions of health care, healing, treatment and education. A single application of sound healing provides evidence based results supportive of, aiding and amplifying existing health care practices while simultaneously initiating new complementary pathways of healing. Longer term practices have yielded remarkable progress in the fields of health and science, results of which now appear more frequently in peer reviewed journals world wide.

Everything in creation is formed of frequency and vibration. Harmonic Sound arranged with coherent intention provides a field of frequency and vibration capable of aligning all incoherencies through the Law of Entrainment. Sound Healing, in essence, restores wholeness and health to the human body, mind and Spirit.