Wild Woman’s / Warrior’s Way

A Journey of Self Discovery.

Wild Woman’s – Warrior’s Way is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for personal growth and development designed specifically to aid individuals who experience mental health and addiction challenges. It is a result based treatment Modality applying the clinically proven application of Integrative psychology in a creative and imaginative way. this signature treatment modality is an assemble of recognized disciplines selected from a wide range of teachings extending from Ancient philosophy, mysticism and spirituality to Modern Psychology, science and Cosmology.

The group session is reflective of a gathering of village elders coming together to share of their experience, knowledge and wisdom. All are welcome and all who share in the group are honored for the gifts they offer. A symbolic offering table is arranged at center of the group, all the participants arrayed in a circle for equality of presence. a weekly selection of inspirational books are provided and displayed as gifts for the participants to choose from. The books are intentionally chosen to inspire and Motivate the reader to engage in a new and broader way of viewing the world they belong to. Everyone present is invited to engage in open conversation around a chosen topic of relevance or welcomed to introduce any notion that best suits the interests of the group: this could be current events, stories of our human experience, or any variety of subject pertinent to the purposes of exploring the mysteries of our most enduring questions: Who are we, where did we come from and what is our purpose? The willingness to ask such questions in group and to confer with others on the possible answers or acknowledge the lack of reasonable answers is quite liberating and comforting for anyone ready to contemplate this Earthly existence in which we all belong. in working together to unravel the mysteries The group is encouraged to scale up in perspective, to think beyond self, group, program, community, globally, even cosmically, such that they may experience a greater understanding of the lives they are living in relation to the “big Picture” of creation with the idea of fostering a broader more positive outlook on life.

Client response to this approach has been very positive. Most participants, who have been willing to fully engage the group discussions, have reported enjoying the freedom to express themselves individually and to having benefitted from the much broader perspective the conversation engages in. Additionally, individuals feel encouraged to practice responsible self expression as equals in the group fostering a deeper sense of cooperation. Out of this is born a greater sense of autonomy and personal pride of owner ship for any and all creative notions that may arise as a result of the open ended nature of the conversations. Gratitude for such an opportunity for individual self expression is often expressed by the clients.

The role of the facilitator in this process is to control the energy of the group, to guide them in positive expressions of self awareness and to direct them in such a way as to lead them to their own healthy conclusions about the nature of mental health, addiction, treatment and recovery with the final goal of living full and rewarding lives. The facilitators role is to provide a safe environment for self reflection, inspiration and for the consideration of upgraded attitudes of health and well being. It is the Further encouragement toward the evaluation of relationships and to ones true desires leading the individual to a deeper appreciation of their own skills, talents and abilities and to form the belief to possess the power to re-invent themselves in this time of crisis and transformation. It is to supply contemporary science and spirituality in a clear and digestible fashion, dispelling any illusions and mis-information with encouragement to safely investigate these emerging truths for themselves. Mostly it is to establish a “Yes I can” attitude amongst all the members of the group. It is to establish within all the understanding that What we think matters, thus instilling the enduring power of positive thinking.

“Recognize yourself in another and the world will become clear.”

-Lao Tzu

For more information and a deeper appreciation of the unlimited possibilities of Wild Woman’s – Warrior’s Way, please feel free to schedule a personal consultation, either by phone or in person.

About Daniel Ide

Daniel is a certified master practitioner of neurolinguistic programing. He holds certifications in clinical hypnotherapy and MER (a trademark therapy in mental and emotional release). as a proud member of the association of integrative psychology (AIP) Daniel has successfully drawn together 30 years of education, experience and knowledge to form the wisdom of this program of personal growth and development. His journey of personal experience from crisis to transformation can be discovered in person or in his soon to be released publication: “A Wild Woman’s – Warrior’s Way” “Journeys in Quantum Recovery” Spring 2021.